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Thursday, December 30, 2010

20 Gardener's New Years Resolutions


I resolve to garden more

I resolve to lay out a master plan with the help of a landscape architect

I resolve never to pass up a new plant I see in a nursery or garden center

I resolve to dig the holes before I go to the annual herb plant sale

I resolve to weed religiously

I resolve to reorganize my tools

I resolve to rescue plants from markdown racks at big box stores because I have green fingers

I resolve to get timers for both hoses

I resolve to plant 1000 daffodil bulbs per year

I resolve to plant every plant I purchase immediately after I get home with all of them

I resolve to weed occasionally

I resolve to re-read the gardening books I already have

I resolve to divide my hostas

I resolve to sharpen my ratchet lopers

I resolve to mark where the bulbs come up this spring so next fall I won’t plant over top of them

I resolve to try some new yuccas

I resolve to weed if desperately needed and I can't get out of it

I resolve to clean my spade and garden fork after each workout

I resolve to make friends with the Chipper/Shredder Tree Guy who has free woodchips for mulch

I resolve not to buy any more plants unless I know specifically where I will plant them in the garden. Ha

20 Gardener's New Years Resolutions

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