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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011-2012 Greenleaf Nursery Company Wholesale Plant Catalog

So many plants; so little time.  .  .  The new 2011-2012 Catalog from Greenleaf Nursery Company arrived in my mailbox like a gift, heavy with promise. Within its colorful pages I am reminded of the incredible diversity of nature, sometimes helped along by dedicated plant breeders and growers coaxing the best possible combination of traits from their newly introduced plants.

Greenleaf Nursery Company is a 60-year wholesale company with environmental awards and a sterling reputation which produces just under 20 million plants annually. Well-known brands like Southern Living Plants, Proven Winners, Novalis Plants that Work and Garden Debut® all rely on Greenleaf Nursery Company to grow big, lush, beautiful plants that reinforce those brands, and to deliver them to independent garden centers where garden designers, homeowners and landscapers can select the best.

The cover photo of the Catalog evokes a sense of wonder and mystery, beckoning the reader inside. After an incredible spread of the nursery and photos of company leaders, beautiful sectional dividers lend order to categories including shrubs, roses, grasses, conifers trees and color. Each entry provides a wealth of information, including a color photo, plant names, description, sun/shade requirements and the climate zone, making the Catalog a valuable resource.  

As Albert Camus noted, “Life is the sum of all your choices,” and while it is certainly not possible to sell or grow everything offered, the plants I choose will give evidence to my eccentricities and reveal my gardening penchants. Will it be an old favorite or something new to try? Renowned gardener, author and scene designer Sydney Eddison, wrote in the August/September 1993 issue of Horticulture Magazine, "Gardens are a form of autobiography." Indeed they are. 

Wholesale customers: obtain a copy of this awesome catalog by finding the Sales Rep for your area at


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