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Friday, June 1, 2012

Extremely Versatile Crystal Falls® Mondo Grass PP17430

Some plants are more versatile than others. Giant Lily Turf, Mondo Grass or Ophiopogon jaburan is a grassy-looking plant that is actually in the lily family.

Outdoor Groundcover
It grows well outdoors as an evergreen groundcover or lawn substitute in areas that are too shady for turf. For example, as the lawn thins out under a tree or in the constant shade of a house, Mondo Grass is the perfect choice to provide a fine texture with its clumps of narrow leaves. In the southeast, it is well-known as an edger for pine islands or perennial beds, and it is also striking in rockeries. Crystal Falls® Mondo Grass PP17430 Ophiopogon jaburan has sparkling white flowers and is a great choice for all of these landscape applications, with its narrow leaves growing 24-30 inches in length. Sparkling white flowers in July to September change to dark blue berries by November for an added ornamental feature.

Mondo grass also doubles as a tough indoor houseplant. The fact that it is disease- resistant and practically pest free is one plus. Because it grows outdoors in shade, it is ideal for the lowered light levels indoors, another plus. In its role as a houseplant, it can be planted in mixed containers as a dark green evergreen “grass” in the tall- to mid-range in height, or in hanging baskets accompanied by trailers like sweet potato vine or fan flower. The bonus here is that Crystal Falls® Mondo Grass PP17430 contributes white flowers in late summer.

Aquatic Plant
Purveyors of aquatic plants suggest that both Ophiopogon japonica and Ophiopogon jaburan (like Crystal Falls) be used for aquariums, terrariums and bog plantings. The blunt-edged grassy leaves emerge in clumps and are particularly desirable because they resemble ocean kelp when planted submerged in aquariums. The consensus on the internet is that they last underwater for months (!), rooting in the pebbles at the bottom, but ultimately need to be changed out.
                                                                                              Caption: Mondo grass second from left

Let’s hear how you use Crystal Falls® Mondo Grass PP17430 from Garden Debut(R) – indoors or out. 

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