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Monday, October 29, 2012

10 Steps to Treat Hurricane Damage to Landscape Plants

Outer Banks, NC

Hurricane Sandy is blowing a lot of salt water around the eastern half of the country. Here's some suggestions for caring for a hurricane- damaged landscape. 

How to care for a landscape after hurricane damage
  1. Reposition shrubs and small trees that have been blown over by high winds back into an upright position, bracing them with stakes until roots re-grow. 
  2. Fill hollows and replace soil around roots of trees that have been rocked loose by high winds  
  3. Apply fresh water repeatedly to irrigate plantings that were inundated with salt water- do not wait for salt damage to show up 
  4. Remove mud, leaves and debris from smothering lawns (Bermuda is most likely to recover) 
  5. Prune broken limbs and branches, smoothly trimming ragged edges so healing callus can form – do not use tree wound paint 
  6. Trim shredded foliage from leaves of perennial plants battered by wind, rain or hail 
  7. Do not eat fruits, vegetables and herbs that were covered by flood waters
  8. Replant shade trees 
  9. Have the soil tested before adding inorganic fertilizer (compost is OK) 
  10. Replace lawn furniture, ornamental planters, window boxes, bonsai trees and outdoor decor
Adding link to  interesting map of winds across the country