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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scentimental Journey with Sweet Treat™ Lilac

Beloved Lilac fragrance is combined with superior disease resistance and red to burgundy fall color.

The intoxicatingly sweet lilac fragrance so beloved of generations is enveloping gardeners through an improved selection known as Sweet Treat™ Lilac from Garden Debut®. Heavy with a profusion of blooms and redolent with a fragrance more perfumed than roses, this selection has also proven marvelously disease resistant, performing flawlessly in the brutal heat and humidity of lower Midwestern summers.

Sweet Treat™ Lilac presents a profusion of fragrant blossoms each spring that are dark lavender in bud and fade to a soft lavender-ice blue when fully opened. The plant is particularly floriferous when planted in full sun, and its fragrant blossom trusses stand out beautifully against dark green, glossy leaves. But there’s more. Sweet Treat™ has the best fall leaf color of any Lilac, when its green foliage turns a deep burgundy red, adding color in the autumn landscape.

Sweet Treat™ Lilac is well-branched, compact and upright-rounded in form, slowly growing to a height of five to six feet tall and a mature spread of four to six feet, with foliage stretching to the ground. It is small enough to be ideal for nearly every garden. Sweet Treat™ Lilac makes a wonderful addition to shrub borders or foundation plantings where proximity to a gate, walkway, patio or entrance door provides perfumed enjoyment. It grows well in a wide range of soil conditions and is hardy in Zones 3-8, making it the most versatile lilac in the country. 

Sweet Treat™ is a great improvement over the well-known variety of Dwarf Korean Lilac, Syringa pubescens subsp. patula 'Miss Kim'. Sweet Treat™ Lilac reliably displays clean foliage and vigor with no disease or die back during the hottest summer temperatures, that normally sound the death knell for the older variety.

Statistics Chart for Sweet Treat™ Lilac, Syringa patula ‘Greswt’ PPAF 
Deciduous flowering shrub known for sweet fragrance
Mature Height:
5 – 6  feet
Mature Spread:
4 – 6 feet
Mature Form:
Rounded-upright,  multi-stemmed shrub, easy care
Growth Rate:
Slow to Moderate
Sun Exposure:
Plants require full sun for best flowering
Soil Moisture:
Well-drained soils, shrub is drought resistant; no wet soils
Soil Type:
Loam, Sand or Clay; wide range from dry to moist
Flower Color:
Dark lavender in bud, opening to light lavender or ice blue; sweetly- scented; a hummingbird magnet
Flower Arrangement:
Individual ½-inch tubular flowers arranged in dense, terminal clusters (upright panicals 3" in length) envelop the shrub with flowers. 
Profuse bloomer, flowers each spring, flowers from late April to May
Powerful sweetly-scented aroma perfumes the entire landscape
Flowers attractive to wildlife, hummingbirds, honey bees; deer like to eat the flowers
Summer Leaf Color:
Deep green, glossy leaves showcase the blooms
Fall Color:
Red to burgundy fall color; Best color of any Lilac!
Disease Resistance:
Resistant to powdery mildew; vigorous with no disease or die back even in the hottest, most humid summers
pH Level:
5.5 – 8.5 
3 – 9, extraordinarily wide range makes it the most versatile Lilac
U.S., Greenleaf Nursery Company, Park Hill, OK

When performance counts, use Garden Debut® introductions.

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