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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Endless-Blooming Aruba Red™ Daylily Finds Favor

Continuous blooms from spring through fall add value to the landscape.

Superior to previous long-blooming daylilies because of its rich, saturated red color, Garden Debut®’s new introduction Aruba Red™ Daylily represents an advance in performance in color, long blooming season and disease resistance.  Plants in the Enjoy 24/7 “the no work plant collection” share outstanding characteristics that appeal to gardeners, homeowners, landscape designers and contractors.

Aruba Red™ Daylily flowers are deep crimson red, with a heavy substance. Delightfully wide, overlapping, red petals recurve, creating a round flower form. Petals are heavily ruffled, with tons of ruffles continuing down the petal edges into an appealing yellow throat. Branched flower scapes have dozens of flower buds, enhancing the display.

Aruba Red™ Daylily is a 2011 introduction in the Tetraploid series Enjoy 24/7 “the no work plant collection” from Garden Debut® that features shorter plants with large, brightly-colored flowers. Flowering begins six to eight weeks earlier than standard daylilies and flowers develop even during cooler weather and cold nights, a big plus for retailers whose customers will be captivated by the colorful display on their springtime shopping trips.  Blooming continues throughout the summer and fall until cut down by hard frost (as late as Thanksgiving in Zone 7).

What’s more, Aruba Red™ is resistant to Rust that plagues previous long-blooming daylilies. Short, grassy foliage, clean shedding of old blooms, prolonged reblooming that extends the season, and rapid increase of divisions add up to a finer daylily. Compact plants with short flower scapes and foliage of this daylily eliminate blow-over in garden centers common to taller daylilies sold in gallon pots.    

The culmination of seven years of targeted plant modification by renowned author and daylily breeder Dr. Ted Petit of Le Petit Jardin, McIntosh, Fla. Garden Debut® is pleased to provide the green industry with superior plants through this new partnership. Kokomo Sunset™ Daylily was available in fall 2010. Future introductions in this daylily collection will continue with enjoyable names derived from the Beach Boys hit, Kokomo, and the flowers will evoke a tropical feel of freedom and fun.      

Aruba Red™ Daylily, Hemerocallis ‘KOK 06-02’ hybrid PPAF
(First of the Enjoy 24/7 “the no work plant collection”)
Plant Category:
Mature Height:
18 inches, shorter plants won’t blow over in gallon pots
Mature Spread:
12 inches
Mature Form:
 Grass-like foliage, short mounds (like cushion mums)
Growth Rate:
Vigorous; rapid increase in landscape or garden quickly forming large plants
Disease Resistance:
 Very rust resistant, “No Work Plant Collection”
Sun Exposure:
 Full sun to partial shade
Soil Moisture:
 Wide range, tolerant of dry to damp soils
Soil Type:
 Loam, Sand, Clay, tolerant of all soil types 
pH Level:
 Wide range, tolerant of soil reaction
Flower Genetics:
 Tetraploid. More flowers with heavier substance, yet the series are shorter with narrow leaves that will not blow over in gallon nursery pots.
 Brightly colored red blooms
Flower Color:
 Deep, rich red flowers and a yellow throat; wide, overlapping petals are edged with heavy ruffles shading to pink
Flower Size:
 4 inches
Bloom Time:
 Continuous bloom spring through summer.
 Starts blooming 6 to 8 weeks earlier than standard commercial varieties, blooms during spring retail rush.
 Flowers even in cool weather and cold nights
Repeat bloomer:
 Good re-bloomer with multitude of flowers on well- branched scapes
 Clean shedding of old blooms
 Flowers extremely early (with Azaleas and Redbud) and throughout  summer
Landscape Value:
 Improved garden mainstay; popular perennial now fits into retail racks and has greater landscape application
 5 – 9
 U.S., Dr. Ted Petit, McIntosh, FL
                        When performance counts, use Garden Debut® introductions
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